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Sony bought Konica Minolta in 2006. Since the company (Sony) was relatively a newcomer to the DSLR market, they adapted the A-mount used by Minolta for their own cameras. Many of the A-mount lenses was based on very good Minolta lens designs at first. In terms of design/origin there are three threads for Sony: 1. Classics and revised, 2. Sony´s own new designs the SAL and FE series and 3. Carl Zeiss designs.

The new FE lens line. Sony G series and Carl Zeiss AF lenses.

Since Sony is relatively new as a camera maker the Sony lens line-up is not as wide as Canon´s or Nikon´s. At the moment there is two different type of lenses: the older SAL and the new FE mounts. Of course you can use the older Minolta Af and Md lenses (SAL mount) or any other lenses you choose with adapters.

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