The "s" stands for Sensitivity and Silence. The A7s is full-frame 12 Megapixel mirrorless stills camera, using the same body and design as the 24 Megapixel A7 and the 36 Megapixel A7r. The camera is also shooting 4K video through the clean HDMI output to the Atomos Shogun recorder in 8 bit 4:2:2. It takes Sony's FE mount lenses, Sony A SAL lenses and other A7 series accessories.

The most Sensitive Sensor in the World.
The Sony A7s.

"Sony is producing more new and interesting cameras, in more categories, and with more new technology than the two market leaders combined. If leadership were judged by inventiveness they would already be #1".       [Michael Reichmann]

The A7s is the low-light camera at the moment. The top ISO rating is only for emergency use only but I had shot nice portraits and city landscapes at 64000 ISDO. The other major benefit is the Silent shutter. Other brands has so called silent shooting mode which should be called more truthfully "Not so loud shutter" since the A7s is completely silent. This is a major benefit for concerts, events, weddings, funerals and any other situations where discrecy is needed.

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