SONY A7r is a 36MP Full frame camera without low pass filter. The ”r” stands for resolution. In my experience the A7r is best suited for tripod use for serious studio work, architecture photography, landscapes and any other type of shooting where high resolution is called for or if you have a really steady hand - simply for everything except for sports and nature photography.

The Best sensor in the World. The Sony A7r.

Most reviewers are quiet new to the EVF (Electric Viewfinder) and its possibilities for professional photography and almost all of them are present or former OVF (Optical Viewfinder) users.

Many mentions the low battery performance compared to the cameras with optical viewfinder, forgetting that the new technology needs more electric power to drive the LCD and the EVF - and give us all the important live information all the time. Since these reviews there was a firmware update which fixed most of the early problems so read these with a grain of salt - so to speak.

 Downloadable Manuals and e-Books 
Sony´s useful Help Guide
Sony A7, A7r Instruction manual
You can also buy Gary Friedman´s detailed e-books of the A7 and A7r
or Brian Smith's From Snapshots to Great Shots

Alpha 7 Tilt Low image
Alpha 7r Grip image

 Sony A7r reviews 
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Michael Reichman´s early hands-on review (October, 2013) Alpha and NEX Get Hitched
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B&H PhotoVideo´s Guide for the Sony A7 Series Buyers Which Model Suits You Best?

 Lab tests 
Tests and reviews for the camera Sony A7r DxOMark
Third Party Wide Angel lenses on the A7r by Rick Kattlmann Sony a7r Wishful Thinking

 Canon EF lenses 
Sony A7r teams up with Canon glass by Fred Miranda
Sony A7r review with Canon EF lenses - First Impressions Breakthrough Photography Video

Frank Doorhof´s comparing the RAW developer softwares in DxO vs. Capture One vs. Lightroom
A blogpost by Frank Doorhof FujiFilm vs Sony A7(r)
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Phase One Capture One Express for Sony
Phase One Capture One Pro for Sony

 Tips and tricks 
Brian Smith: How to theter the Sony A7/A7r/A7s
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