SONY Nordic Alpha Ambassador

My name is Mikael Kaplar and I am a Sony Nordic Alpha Ambassador and also a professional photographer and videographer. People ask me so many questions about Sony cameras and lenses, accessories and other related things that I thought I would put up this site where you can hopefully find all the information you are searching for. This site is dedicated for the new A7 series and its accessories dividing them into the four sections which can be found below.


The idea of packing a compact camera with the same (or similar) features and image quality of a DSLR is, of course, highly tempting. Mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras have promised to meet those needs but only with a smaller sensor. The SONY A7 have gone beyond current models by incorporating a full-frame sensor in very compact body, a first in the history of Photography. The camera was announced 16 October 2013 and only one year later we have the updated version called the SONY A7II.

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SONY A7r is a 36MP Full frame camera without low pass filter. The ”r” stands for resolution. In my experience the A7R is best suited for tripod use for serious studio work, architecture photography, landscapes and any other type of shooting where high resolution is called for or if you have a really steady hand - simply for everything except for sports and nature photography.

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The "s" stands for Sensitivity and Silence. The A7s is full-frame 12 Megapixel mirrorless stills camera, using the same body and design as the 24 Megapixel A7 and the 36 Megapixel A7r. The camera is also shooting 4K video through the clean HDMI output to the Atomos Shogun recorder in 8 bit 4:2:2. It takes Sony's FE mount lenses, Sony A SAL lenses and other A7 series accessories.

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Lenses and accessories

Sony is relatively new as a camera maker so the Sony lens line-up is not as wide as Canon´s or Nikon´s. At the moment there is two different type of lenses: the older SAL and the new FE mounts. Of course you can use the older Minolta Af and Md lenses (SAL mount) or any other lenses with adapters.

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